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Weir gates

Tilting gates for navigation lock Gabčíkovo – Slovakia

In case of accident of vessel, the navigation lock was equipped with tilting gates, which in emergency situations, helping to keep water level on the water work, also serves as a weir gate in case of big floods, which have been tested several times in practice. Tilting gates are 34 m long (2 x 17 m), height of 5 m and weight of 2 x 56 t. With those dimensions they are the greatest tilting gates ever implemented in Slovak Republic and in Czech Republic.
Investor: Vodohospodářská výstavba Bratislava
Realization: 1995

Tilting gates for upstream nose of Gabčíkovo navigation lock can be used as weir gates during floods as seen on the right picture from 2002 flood

Weir gates for sport slalom track at Čunovo – Slovakia

Investor: Vodohospodářská výstavba Bratislava
Realization: 1996

Weir gate closure and whitewater track of water work Čunovo

Lift for canoes at Čunovo                           Weir gate for regulation of water flow at slalom

Weir gate Velička – Czech Republic

Delivery and installation of prefabricated standardized weir gate of length 11,4 m and height of 1,8 m for Bata canal. Weir gate is manufactured and installed as one piece. Prefabricated weir gate very accelerate assembly and substantially simplifies the necessary construction works.

Investor: Povodí Moravy s.p.
Realization: 2000

Transport of weir gate for weir Velička           Finished weir at Velička on the Bata canal

Weir gate Bohumilice – Czech Republic

Complete supply and installation of weir gate of length 12 m and height 1 m for a small hydro power plant Bohumilice.
Investor: Volyntech s.r.o.
Realization: 2008


Weir gate Bohumilice

Weir gates České Vrbné – Czech Republic

Supply and installation of two weir gates for weir České Vrbné at Vltava waterway. Each is 22,5 m long, 4,6 m wide and weighs 28 tons.

Investor: Ředitelství vodních cest ČR
Realization: 2009
Settling of the weir gate                              Right weir gate in operation
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