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Kaplan turbines

Direct-flow turbine VC 1220


The VC 1220 turbine is a direct current axial-flow turbine. The turbines main advantages are its simpicity, excellent efficiency (up to 86%) and very simple assembly. The turbine is designed as a compact block which is fitted as a whole into a simple concrete channel. This is then fitted with formwork and concrete is poured on. The turbine has fixed guide blades which are adjustable whilst the turbine is in operation. Runner blades are regulated by a hydraulic system located in a shaft.
The adjustment range is ± 10, the angular speed of rotation is 1 every 2 seconds. Power is transmitted from the turbine shaft to the generator using a belt drive located in the shaft. Owing to reducing the depth of the HPP machine room foundation it is possible to tilt the angle of the rotor by 7 from the horizontal place and the turbine suction pipe by a further 5.
Scheme of turbine VC 1220 - 3,5 N
Nominal parameters