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Trash rack cleaning machines

An important product P&S Company are trash rack cleaning machines. We supply all types of trash rack cleaning machines (stationary, mobile, hydraulic, rope, single arm, double arm) for hydro power plants, pumping stations and navigation locks.
In Czech Republic are in operation a number of cleaning machines of our produce and some where supplied abroad. For water work Gabčíkovo on Slovakia was made trash rack cleaning machine that cleans to greatest depth of 30 meters with rake width of 3,5 m and rake carrying capacity 2000 kg. For hydro power plant Čunovo was made mobile hydraulic double-arm cleaning machine which cleaning to depth of 6.5 m, rake width of 3,0 m and rake carrying capacity of 3000 kg.
Trash rack cleaning machine of lock inlets Gabčíkovo
To Egypt were delivered trash rack cleaning machines fo water pumping stations, three mobile fully automated two-arm hydraulic cleaning machines along with the rail tracks and belt conveyors and two mobile rope cleaning machines. All cleaning machines reliably prevent clogging of intake racks thus allowing hydro power plants and water pumps achieve higher performances.
Trash rack cleaning machine of inlets of pumping station El Max
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