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Water turbines

Company P&S provides production and supply of hydro turbines, complete equipment for hydro power plants, all types oftrash rack cleaning machines, all water management facilities, closures, weir flaps,trashracks.

We provide:Search of sites, advisory and consulting activities, processing of conceptual studies, economic evaluations of sites, engineering and investor activity, pre-design and design documentation, including securing planning permission and building permission, reconstruction, rehabilitation and refurbishment of turbines; supply activity as general designer and general contractor construction (turnkey); design and supply of floating smallhydro power plants, development, manufacture and supply own turbines,the type "Bnki" anddirect flowpropeller turbines, energy use of pressurized water pipes including the provision of engineering and supply activities.
In the construction of small hydropower plants we have been carried out many projects, most notably the construction of eight small hydroelectric power plants in Lithuania. From 1998 to 2002 was supplied by P&S company complete equipment for 7 small hydro power plants in Lithuania. Supplies included a total of 12 turbines, generators, hydraulic systems, electrical systems and control computers. 10 turbines are designed for small gradients up to 3,5 m, 2 turbines are of type ofBnkiforhead of7 m.
The operation of small hydroelectric power plant Skuodas began personally President of the Republic of Lithuania Mr. Valdas Adamkus.
On right picture machine roomofsmall hydroelectric power plant Skuodas equipped with two Bnki turbinesB600/1500 - 2x90 kW.
The company also supplied water turbines for hydroelectric power plantsin Norway, Germany, Lithuania and the Slovakia and participate in reconstruction projects of old hydro power plants.
HPPVadagiai -LithuaniaBnki turbine B340-340for Norway